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Are you ready for the new £1 coin?

The new UK £1 coin will enter circulation in March 2017, and The Royal Mint is producing more than 1.4 billion of the new coins.

SCAN COIN has been working closely with the Royal Mint to make certain our full range of coin processing solutions will handle this new £1 coin.

It is likely that your SCAN COIN machine will require a software and/or hardware upgrade to handle the new coin. We are currently in the process of contacting all our existing customers but in the mean time you can also contact our service control to confirm the details of the upgrade for your specific machine. Give us a call 0161 873 0550 or email please include the serial number of your machine.

Do you own a SC 303/313 or SC 350/360?

For our coin counter models: SC 303/313 and SC 350/360 you can purchase an upgrade kit direct from our webshop and follow the simple instructions to upgrade your existing machine:

Not already a SCAN COIN customer?

If you have coin processing equipment from other suppliers that cannot be upgraded for the new £1 coin then don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss your options for a new machine: 0161 873 0505. We have a full range of coin counters, sorters, deposit machines and change machines.

More information on the new £1 coin from the Royal Mint:

The current £1 coin was first issued in 1983, it is one of the oldest British coins in circulation. Over this time is has become increasingly vulnerable to counterfeiting. Roughly one in every 30 £1 coins in circulation is now a counterfeit.

The new coin has a number of features which will make it one of the most secure coins in the world including the bi-metallic construction, 12 sided design and the inclusion of the Royal Mint’s new technology: Integrated Secure identification System for equipment with high security detection.

The new coin also pays a fitting tribute to Britain’s heritage as it is the same shape as the 12 sided threepenny bit, which was in circulation from 1937 until 1971.

Get ready for the new £1 coin and call SCAN COIN today: 0161 873 0550