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Cashlogy for POS

Secure cash recycling at POS

The Cashlogy is a point of sale solution with the objective of responding to the current business needs of retailers: efficiency, profitability, control, and security. This intelligent cash drawer brings cost-effective, feature-rich cash recycling to the POS front end. Cashlogy will maximise cash security and control at an affordable cost for all businesses.


Cashlogy provides closed loop end to end cash management - cutting management costs and boosting customer service. Customers can pay directly into Cashlogy with notes and coins against the POS transaction value, eliminating counting errors, shrinkage and minimising potential theft. Cashlogy sorts and stores by denomination and automatically recycles cash as change to the customer.  

Automated cash counting at the point of sale not only speeds up the payment process per transaction but also means that the end of day cash will always balance saving valuable time and money.

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Perfect for:

  • Convenience and Specialty stores
  • Restaurants and Bakeries
  • Retailers looking to for secure cash recycling at POS


Cashlogy is the perfect product for the business with a high transaction flow. Its design allows it to be placed in high stress environments, where the speed is a key element. Cashlogy accelerates the cash flow thanks to its high speed engineering. 

Cashlogy records all transaction to guarantee maximum security. Automated coin counting removes cash errors and reduces cash office time. Recycling of cash at POS reduces change requirements and improves cash efficiency in store.


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