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Change Machines

Providing change for a range of business segments!

With the increasing numbers of self-service systems in use, from vending and snack machines to ticketing systems, coinage is still a very large part of people's daily life.

SCAN COIN have been supplying change machines for over 20 years to ensure people get the right coins for their coffees, chocolate bars, rail fares and car park tickets.

Our systems can be found in amusement halls, casinos, railway stations and canteens - a range of systems for every need.

A3 Change Machine

The A3 is a machine built without compromise. PC based, with a high security and monitoring capability, it is designed for remote auditing and third party cash handling, where the operator does not access any cash. Additionally, all filling is done by exchanging closed cash cassettes, it utilises the highly reliable Sodeco note reader and is built into a high security cabinet.

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Perfect for:

  • Public utility use
  • Retail
  • Amusement halls and casinos
  • Railway stations
  • Car parks
  • Canteens 

A3 Change Machine

The A3 Change Machine has a host of standard features, including a remote monitoring facility, fully closed cash cassettes, Sodeco note reader, three hopper modules, full PC audit software, self diagnostic and remote reporting and a remote alarm function.

Additionally, the A3 system is available with a touch screen customer interface to facilitate service selection and has been found to be an ideal solution for retail banks offering bulk change to merchants.


Accessories / Options

Changeuro MultiCoin Change Machines

A complete range of wall mounted/floor standing change machines, the Changeuro series offers both coin and note acceptors with the option of one to four coin hoppers to suit your requirements.

Using the latest high speed hoppers, the Changeuro series ensures a fast and efficient service for all change operations.

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Perfect for:

  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Vending
  • Leisure



Changeuro Change Machines


The Changeuro Multicoin has a host of standard features, including the ability to accept notes and coins, coin or token pay out, high coin capacity hoppers, and credit display. The machine can either be wall mounted or floor standing with a base cabinet.


Suitable for installations in a wide range of environments, such as hotels, hospitals, launderettes, arcades and sport centres, the changeuro multicoin series is compact, secure, functional and reliable!


Accessories / Options

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