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Our History


 It is said at times that to be able to understand the present and act for the future, you must be aware of the history. Our history is proof of what can happen when the right people get behind the right product at the right time.

SCAN as in Scandinavia

SCAN COIN was founded in Malmö, Sweden, where a few young entrepreneurs began realising their ideas in 1966. The founders' working methods and far-sighted technical solutions challenged traditional methods from the very beginning. When the company was named SCAN COIN, it was meant to highlight the direction. At that point Scandinavia seemed like the right goal – they did not plan to take over the world.

An idea 

Started out with coins

From the beginning SCAN COIN only focused on coins - thereby its name. The products were revolutionary at that time. Not only could they count and sort coins simultaneously, but also reject those of deviant dimensions.
SCAN COIN was marketed internationally from a very early stage, followed by a constant growth and many more products. SCAN COIN grew organically as well as through acquistions.

Focus on R&D

Vigorous investments in research and development resulted in one successful innovation after the other. In 1988, a unique electronic detection system prepared the way for a more exact coin counting method than the world had ever seen before. After this, it was not long before high-speed machines from SCAN COIN processed coins all around the world. It also made the successful self-service Cash Deposit Systems - CDS possible.

 Old R&D

Customising is a key word

Most other players in this highly specialised industry chose to invest in one or two standard products and produce them in large series. SCAN COIN on the other hand, has always focused on working as closely as possible with the customer and offer custom adaptations to get the most out of every machine in each individual country. SCAN COIN people have been available on-site and once a market begins to mature and allow for expansion, SCAN COIN has established partnerships or SCAN COIN companies on that market.



Note handling a growing sector

SCAN COIN has an admirable wide and complete range of coin processing equipment. But we do not stop there - nowadays large parts of the product development are focused also on note handling. This way we can offer integrated solutions for our customers. At the end of the day it all comes down to adding value to our customers' businesses by creating solutions that enable them to process cash efficiently...


SCAN COIN - a strong cash management product brand

SCAN COIN has been acquired by SUZOHAPP in 2015. Today, SCAN COIN is a product brand for innovative and scalable cash management solutions.

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